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Ready to take the casualty
RUN A 1/35th Scale evacuation diorama.  Over 50 figures at least half are conversions, 2 heli’s a C and a D,  dozens of trees, over 30 different  types of groundcover. All on a base, 32” by 24” made of walnut. A grassy dense jungle in the middle of monsoon season with muddy soft earth.  Three planted booby traps and much more!
Award Winning Dioramas
Memorial Day Poster  8.5” x 11” Color Poster Download in PDF Format. All images are public domain or were listed by Google          as ‘free for use’.
1/35 Scale Dioramas
Muddy soft earth Both heli's in place - no figures in C yet Stretcher party complete - diorama in progress
Vietnam 1959 - 1975 - America’s Longest and Bloodiest War
10 MINUTES Stabilizing the urgent Front view from a different angle Other wounded with medic All ten figures visible
10 MINUTES A 1/35th Scale evacuation diorama.  with 10 figures.  The jungle is shown with hundreds of individual leaves each painted and pegged. The base is a pedestal with a top working surface of 6.5 inches square and about 2.25 inches high.  It sits on another base and has a plexiglass cover.  The insignia are standard Army issue and the photograph is attached with a plexiglass cover held to the base with four brass pins.
Kevin Conlon Art
Great website from a professional model maker
 Exceptional Realism Highest Standard “As If You Were There”
RUN Left Side View Website by NKDesign Diagonal View Very Fortunate Son
Very Fortunate Son A 1/35th scale, 8 inch x 8 inch diorama. There will be 5 to 7 figures.  One just about to step onto the covering of a six foot long punji stake trap, saved by two dragging him down to the ground so he wouldn’t fall.  The groundwork is about 2.25 inches high and will have a full size pit.  The surface will be a jungle clearing, grass, plants and palm trees.  Pictures will be posted as the work progresses.
Memorial Day May 29, 2017 Veterans Day          November 11, 2017
In Progress